Notion as powerful as Google Sheets

Have the best of both worlds.



billed annually

Best for power users

  • 1 Notion workspace
  • 5 databases
  • 5 synced tables
  • Unlimited synced columns
  • 18 synced cells
  • Updates every 60 minutes


billed annually

Best for control and BI

  • 3 Notion workspaces
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited synced tables
  • Unlimited synced columns
  • Unlimited synced cells
  • Updates every 15 minutes
  • Manual updates and full scans
  • Priority support

Notion and Sheets API limits apply.
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What is a synced table?

A synced table allows you to sync the values of a sheet in Google Sheets with a table in a Notion page. You can create one to have pivot tables or summaries of your Notion databases.

What is a synced column?

A synced column transforms the column to be from Google Sheets to Notion. You can create one to use Sheets formulas and send values to Notion for a specific column, for example price of stocks.

What is a synced cell?

A synced cell allows you to automatically update the value of a Notion block with the value of a cell in Sheets. For example you can use a formula to sum the total number of records that you have and show it at the top of a page with a h1 block.

What are manual updates and full scans?

Manual updates allow you to update your databases changes without waiting for the automatic update to run.

A full scan of a database allows you to refresh the entire database and not only what has changed. It gives you the option to add new columns that were created in Notion.

What does it mean Notion and Sheets API limits apply?

Notion only allows 3 requests per second to their API, and Sheets only 100 request per 100 seconds. Depending on the number of records that you have in your database and how frequently they change you may incur in some delays.


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