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Solutions and workarounds to common issues.

I installed Notion2Sheets but can’t find it anywhere.

To open Notion2Sheets you need to first have a Google Sheet opened. Then on the right you should see a sidebar with Notion2Sheets icon, click to open the add-on. If you can’t see the sidebar it means it is probably hidden, there should be a button at the bottom right that allows you to show it again. Notion2Sheets on right sidebar

I can’t see a database when searching.

If a specific database does not appear during search, please make sure you have connected it with Notion2Sheets. Once connected give it a couple of minutes before searching again as the Notion API takes some time to index it in the results.


My roll ups properties are missing.

Depending on how your roll ups are configured, the results would not appear in Notion API if you have multiple relations nested from other databases. Right now roll ups and relations can only go one level deep. If those values rely on other values (for example the relation you are mapping to requires values from another database as well), then those value would not appear.
One possible solution for you to try:
Create a new formula property that just points to your roll up property like this, prop("Rollup property name") and check if that does the trick.

The Sheet is not updated with changes in my roll ups.

Roll ups are special properties in Notion databases that are not data that belongs directly to the page but reference to other pages data. If the only thing that changed in your page was the value of a roll up, the Notion API won’t return that page as updated, so Notion2Sheets won’t be able to update the value in the Sheet. You can manually update your pages, for example checking and unchecking a checkbox, so the next time the updates run Notion2Sheets will get the pages from the Notion API as updated and update all your data.

You can always sync multiple databases and mimic your Notion roll ups with Google Sheets formulas!

A relation property is missing from my database.

For relation properties to be available, both the database and the related database needs to be shared with the integration. Please make sure your related database is shared with Notion2Sheets and try the synchronization again.

A people property on my database has missing users.

If you have users missing from a people property, I bet those missing users are guest users of your Notion workspace. Unfortunately the Notion API does not return them so it’s impossible for us to show their names in your sheet, but there is a workaround you can use to be able to view their names. Create a new formula property that just points to your people property like this, prop("People property name") and sync your database again.

I added a new option to a select property but it is not appearing in Sheets.

Notion2Sheets does not automatically add new options to your sheet, but you can do it manually and it is super easy. Select the entire column except for the first row. Then go to Data -> Data Validation and add the new option there.