How to set dynamic page titles in Notion

How to set dynamic page titles in Notion

We all love Notion formulas and use them extensively in our databases, but there is a problem, we can’t use them in page titles! Titles are a special property in Notion pages, as they are the ones shown when we link a page. Being able to set the value dynamically opens a whole world of posibilites, removing the need to duplicate values and showing up to date information directly in links to pages.

Use case

To make this work, we will use the feature synced columns from Notion2Sheets, which allow us to update Notion with the values of a column in Google Sheets.

In our database we have a Symbol property with is the stock symbol, and a Current price property with the current price of the stock that we get using GOOGLEFINANCE formula from Sheets. Current price is already a synced column that sends the values to Notion so we have up to date prices directly in our database in Notion.

If you are more like a visual person you can check this minute and a half video!

Defining the title

We want the title to have both the stock symbol and the current price, so when we link one of the pages we can see the up to date value. In Google Sheets there are formulas to concatenate strings, but for simplicity we will go ahead and use the ampersand to build the title of each of the pages. The formula looks like this:

=E2 & " ( $" & F2 & " )"

E is the column that contains the symbol and F is the column that contains the current price, replace this values accordingly depending on the structure of your table. Remember that you can change the order of the columns in Google Sheets and that won’t affect the connection between Notion and Sheets. The final result will be the symbol and the current price in parenthesis: GDX ( $30.85 )

Additional use cases

Let’s explore some additional use cases for dynamic page titles.

  1. Standardize page titles based on other properties.
  2. Set titles based on dates automatically.
  3. Reference dynamic data like price and quantities.
  4. Show data from other sources like Stripe, Gumroad, etc.
  5. Use auto numbering.

Do you have other use cases in mind?

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