What Notion2Sheets does for you?


You have now access to more than 450 Sheets formulas to use the same way as in Notion.


All the power of Google Sheets charts at hand, create and embed them back in Notion.

Back Ups

No more manual exports. Keep a copy of your databases automatically updated at all times.

Recurring Tasks

Schedule page creations daily, weekly, monthly and more. Add default values like templates.


Build beautiful and dynamic dashboards, connect the value of a cell with a Notion block.

Third Party

Integrate your Notion databases with thousands of other Google Workspace Add-Ons.

Enable the usage of Google Sheets formulas with synced columns.

Synced columns allows you to sync the values of a column in Sheets to Notion. Use formulas like =GOOGLEFINANCE, =IMPORTXML and keep those values automatically in sync with your Notion database.

Notion just became much more powerful.

Google Sheets synced columns. Notion database synced columns.
Weekly habit tracker in Notion. Weekly habit tracker in Sheets.

We take care of the different database properties.

Notion2Sheets translates each Notion database property type to Sheets in the best possible way, keeping links, text and number formats, select options and colors, checkboxes, dates, relationships, roll-ups and more.

Enable a whole world of possibilities with your data in Google Sheets.

Create beautiful charts and use pivot tables to summarize, group and apply business intelligence to your data. You can then embed them back to Notion and have live updates. Use third party add ons to send emails, create amazing presentations and more.

Google Sheets features.
Daily, weekly, monthly recurring tasks.

Schedule page creations with recurring tasks.

You can schedule pages to be created at specific intervals of time, adding default values the same way as Notion database templates work. Use people properties to assign to members of your team that will get the notifications right on time.

Automate everything.

Build dynamic dashboards with synced cells.

Synced cells allows you to connect the value of a cell in Google Sheets with a title, equation, lists, todos or paragraph block in Notion.
Use formulas to summarize information and build amazing dashboards that are updated automatically.

Conditional colors, sizes and more with equations.

Value from a cell in Google Sheets to a Notion block.
Sheet values synced with Notion tables.

Automatic Sheets to Notion values with synced tables.

Keep the values of a sheet in Google Sheets in sync with a Notion table. Use it to have your pivot tables and summaries of data updated automatically in a Notion page.

It works with new and deleted rows automatically and you can use Sheets formulas!

Back up your Notion databases.

Keep a copy of your databases that it’s updated by the hour, maintaining links, format and relations, unexpected things happen. Imagine for a minute loosing all your data.

Now take action.

Database backup.

Experience Notion integrated
with Google Sheets

Full screen view of Notion2Sheets connected.
Notion loves Google Sheets

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Install Notion2Sheets, sync your Notion databases with Google Sheets and have the best of both worlds.

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